Semester Test and Year’s End Review

The Semester Test will cover Chapters 1-8. The two files below constitute terms and topics that will be covered.

The Year’s End Final Exam will cover Chapters 1-16. The final exam will have an approximately equal number of questions from each chapter. There will also be a fair number of diagrams along with a few short answer/essay questions too.

Essay Promptss

In essay form, explain one of the following physiological concepts. Your answer needs to be complete. You will lose points for grammatical errors, egregious spelling errors, and sloppy organization.

  1. Explain the process of muscle contraction. Start with the nerve impulse reaching the sarcolemma and continue until the z-lines have moved closer together.
  2. Explain the process of nerve impulse propagation. Start with the establishment of resting potential and continue your explanation until the next neuron receives the impulse.
  3. Explain the events that occur at a neuromuscular junction. Start at the action potential's arrival at the synaptic knob and continue your explanation through the depolarization of the sarcolemma.
  4. Explain how the thyroid gland is involved in the regulation of metabolism. A complete answer will include an explanation of negative feedback, as well as the hypothalamus' role.
  5. Explain how rod cells function within the retina. Complete answers will include a general description of eye anatomy and an explanation of rod cell physiology.
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